2022| Jan 12 - Road to COP27

Meeting time: January 12 at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST

5 min - Welcome & Intros

15 min - Recap of CAD2 Year/COP26

5 min - Invite to Thursday Internal Meeting

10 mins - RINGO Committee

45 min - Plenary: Road to COP27 (Milestones & Next Steps)

10 min - Announcements/Closing Remarks

8am /11am / 4pm Welcome & Introductions: Martin Wainstein (5 mins)

  • Welcome

  • Intros

  • CAD2.0: a broader community and can find more info on wiki

Recap: Martin Wainstein (10 mins)

COP26 & CAD 2.0

o Review of miro board:

o Three work streams, visualization exercise, brainstorming activities

Highlight this is the most important workgroup right now

o The CAD2.0 year

o Memo

o Declaration

o UN Hub

Encourage everyone to share their articles, etc on the wiki in the Library under General resources

o Links shared in meeting

· ​​Jury Konga: https://www.go-opendata.ca/

· ​​Marco Schletz: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fbloc.2021.789953/abstract

· ​​Sybrig Smit: https://newclimate.org/2021/06/23/global-climate-action-from-cities-regions-and-businesses-2021/

· ​​Romain Poivet: https://ec.europa.eu/info/consultations/finance-2021-european-single-access-point_en

· ​​Kyra Appleby: (diagram on page 5) https://www.globalcovenantofmayors.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/21-1108-GCoM-Multilevel-Climate-Action-Playbook-1.pdf

· ​​Laurence Watson (Subak)


Feedback: https://forms.gle/uTQppyiiUWA5Kg6b8

Invite to Thursday Jan. 20 internal meeting: Angel Hsu (5 min)

Invite others to help planning and encourage engagement

o Reach out to Melissa Hauser if you want to join

Make it open for volunteers and then encourage specific groups (see below)

o Roisin (Climate Group)

o Climate Trace - Lekha and Mark

o New Climate Institute - Takeshi and Sybrig

o CPI (Matthew Solomon

o Tom Baumann

o CDP - Kyra. GCoM on regional/local contributions.

o Mark Roelfesma

RINGO (Research and Independent NGOs Steering Committee): Angel Hsu (10 mins)

RINGOs has nominated 5 representatives, including DDL to participate in a consultative roundtable to the UNFCCC on the GST

o Call for Inputs by the Katowice Committee of Experts on the Impacts of the Implementation of Response Measures

o The COP, CMP and CMA by its decision 4/CP.25, 4/CMP.15 and 4/CMA.2, mandated the Katowice Committee of Experts on the Impacts of the Implementation of Response Measures (KCI) to receive input from experts, practitioners and relevant organizations in order to implement some activities in its workplan.

o The KCI invites inputs (from Parties and observers), in line with specified outline and timeline, regarding the following activities of the workplan:

  1. Workplan Activity 9: “Identify and assess the impacts of the implementation of response measures taking into account intergenerational equity, gender considerations and the needs of local communities, indigenous peoples, youth and other people in vulnerable situations” as per annex I by 31 January 2022;

  2. Workplan Activity 5: “Build awareness and understanding of Parties and other stakeholders to assess the economic impacts of potential new industries and businesses resulting from the implementation of response measures with a view to maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative impacts of the implementation of response measures” as per annex II by 31 March 2022;

  3. Workplan Activity 11: “Facilitate, exchange and share experiences and best practices on the assessment of the environmental, social and economic co-benefits of climate change policies and actions informed by the best available science, including the use of existing tools and methodologies” as per annex III by 31 March 2022.

We ask for any inputs on the from our community as to what points we should make at this opportunity

Highlight how this could benefit CAD 2.0 and direct participants to Miro board with RINGO information encourage participants to add input, comments, suggestions

Next Steps: Road to COP27 (Milestones & Next Steps): Martin/Katherine (45 mins)

o After a great recap from Martin, we see how far the CAD 2.0 group has come. We have discussed what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it (declaration), but where do we take it from here?

o This will not happen overnight, but we can focus on what we want to accomplish over the next 12 months.

Plenary Miro Exercise (Martin): If we want to conduct this independent global stocktake at COP-27, what will it look like and how will we do it?

Section I: Milestones - What are the product outcomes (technical outputs) we need from the workgroup sections?

· Keep it informal and have everyone add sticky notes as brainstorming activity (Katherine to facilitate)

· 15 mins freestyle sticky notes

· 15 mins discussion

Milestones: What will each workstream do and who will do it?

o Data harmonization

· Data standards for reporting

· Harmonization- common taxonomy (company metadata)

· First year: aggregate data that already exists, harmonizing standards (is it feasible to think about a harmonized data dictionary before COP27?) · Mapping structure: Data sets are out there but there isn't clarity or common metadata to map out everything that currently exists

· What are the systems and tools that are already out there? How can we connect different data sets? Focus on interoperability and clear and concrete GST

o Context (Policy) Develop use cases for GCAP data with select parties

· what are use cases with parties? How are subnational and non state actors useful?

· Clarity how NSA inputs can make impactful contribution

· We will learn by doing?

· What is the structure for useful information/reports/data created and shared?

· Collect data from local projects

· Data ownership, privacy, management

o Digital infrastructure

· Interface and design

· GST outcomes

· How would we see a GST that would be help: UI design process

· Independent GST ready to inform

· Global community driven portal for climate discovery

· Global portal- portal of portals

· Trust network

Section II: How will these contribute to the GST?

o COP27 and move, What is our progress tracker model? How do we want to position ourselves? What would that look like?

o Opportunities for Contributions

· Technical developments - What? How? Who? (stakeholders) Leads?

· Standards and common practices - What? How? Who? (stakeholders) Leads?

· Info maps, directories, and repositories, knowledge sharing - What? How? Who? (stakeholders) Leads?

Announcements/ Closing remarks: Angel (10 mins)

· Encourage everyone to share on social media for declaration

· Reach out to Melissa Hauser if you want to join the Thursday planning meeting

· If you have not seen this yet, here is the UNFCCC posting by “The Champions”, which does indicate that they have read, received, and acknowledged our declaration. https://racetozero.unfccc.int/tracking-credible-climate-action/

· We are hiring! We are looking for a Community Manager!

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