2021| Dec 1 - UN SG Accountability Task Force Consultation

Welcome & Introductions: Marco Schletz (5 mins)

  • COP26 & CAD 2.0 Review of miro board: Three work streams, visualization exercise, brainstorming activities

  • Highlight this is the most important workgroup right now

  • The Camda year

  • Events

Hernani Escoba the Secretary General Office: Martin Wainstein (10 mins)

  • Summary: The need for greater clarity and credibility to create accountability, so created a group of experts that was created just before COP26

  • Consultations with stakeholders about:

    • Scope of the group of experts: what will they look into?

    • Final product of the group of experts: build on what is existing, what are gaps, provide recommendations, what is highest possible net zero commitment sin setting and reporting

    • Accountability: when and how does this take place: COP? Outside of COP?

    • Phase I:

      • Suggestions for expert groups contributors and their skill sets (net zero is critical)

      • Currently finalizing terms of reference: this group will launch in January and have a few months to finalize recommendations

      • SG Accountability testing overview

    • How this community can help advance SG achievements

      • Inputs are welcome even after TOR are finalized

      • Any contributions are welcome from this group or individuals

      • How SG and UNFCCC can collaborate

      • Q&A

    • Q: What will the TORs look like: what the accountability should be (ex. tracking)?

      • A: No definitions, but are high level, don't want to be too restrictive, more focused on when and how this should happen

      • Q: How to prioritize scope? Cities and regions, businesses, financial institutions A: Yes: there will be a tiered approach that can be applied globally. They will need to build on the work that is already been done

      • Q: What would be the most helpful work our community can do to help? A: Send inputs as soon as possible

      • Q: What are the alignments on recommendations? A: must look at gaps, do not know exactly what impacts would be, need to evaluate how to meet outcome expectations Q

      • : How will the experts be nominated and will it be a FT or PT role? A: they have been receiving names, but more focused on skill sets, small secretariat to support with PT, open and transparent process to nominate experts

      • Q: Will this be a technical or political set-up and exercise? A: looking at skill set, looking towards more of a political high level set-up with plug and play data

Secretary General (SG) Memo Development: Angel (25mins)

  • Explanation: set the scene for SG Output Activity with brief explanation/summary

    • Email requesting feedback

    • Expert review group

    • Experts using outputs to hold actors accountable

    • Finance focus?

  • Plenary Miro Exercise: SG Outputs office/task force

    • Collect bullet points for TORs for SGs

    • How do we define credibility?

    • What are our commitments?

    • What should actually be tracked?

Road to COP27 (Milestones & Next Steps): Martin/Katherine (30 mins)

  • After our recap, we see how far the CAD 2.0 group has come. We have discussed what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it (declaration), but where do we take it from here?

    • This will not happen overnight, but we can focus on what we want to accomplish over the next 12 months. This will help structure the memo for the SG development.

    • Plenary Miro Exercise: What do we want to achieve for COP27 and how will we do it?

      • Section I: What are the product outcomes (technical outputs) we need from the workgroup sections? Keep it informal and have everyone add sticky notes as brainstorming activity (Katherine or Marco can organize sticky notes) 15 mins freestyle sticky notes 15 mins discussion Focus: What will each workstream do and who will do it? Data harmonization Digital infrastructure

      • Section II: How will we use GST? What is our progress tracker model? How do we want to position ourselves?

Announcements/ Closing remarks: Marco (10 mins)

  • Encourage everyone to share on social media for declaration

  • If you have not seen this yet, here is the UNFCCC posting by “The Champions”, which does indicate that they have read, received, and acknowledged our declaration.

    • https://racetozero.unfccc.int/tracking-credible-climate-action/

  • We are hiring! We are looking for a Community Manager!

CAD2.0 Memo Draft

Link to the drafted CAD2.0 Memo - How can the Climate Action Data 2.0 (CAD2.0) community support the SG Accountability Task Force?

Provide your feedback and comments to the draft here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16Ve2aoIO4vflY6V-GjU1HPgj4vqAfdJdrDN8Qhg-Lko/edit

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