Future of Climate Action Data from Cities, Regions, Businesses, and Investors


In COP25, Camda and its multi-stakeholder community set out a declaration for rigorously tracking progress and accountability of non-state actor climate pledges. While the aim is clear, the Climate Data 2.0 initiative will tackle HOW this progress and accountability can be developed under an integrated and trusted system using cutting edge data methodologies.


  • Monthly virtual meetings

  • Multi-stakeholder workshops

  • Design sprints / scrums

  • Parallel Satellite Workstreams

Activities & Outputs

Climate Action Data 2.0 (CAD2.0) is an umbrella community that aims to collectively pursue the following:

  • Collaborate across key organizations and individuals working in existing data disclosure platforms and emerging platforms on blockchain, satellite imagery, AI, and other relevant new technologies in the climate action data and analysis space.

  • Co-define strategic objectives and milestones with workstream participants that may include working toward supporting key products or moments within the UNFCCC process such as the Global Climate Action portal (NAZCA), Global Stocktake, COP, and/or efforts led by other organizations.

  • Contextualize outputs and strategies into a shared narrative and a common declaration of CAD2.0 objectives for 2021 and beyond.

  • Publicly launch the CAD2.0 collaboration at Climate Week NY and make a declaration from the consortium at COP26 on how to improve data capture and data quality over time.

  • Produce a report or presentation to communicate initial findings and developments of CAD2.0 by December 2021 to inform a diverse set of stakeholders, including, but not limited to, the philanthropic community.

Introduction and overview

Introduction Video to Nested Climate Accounting

Our Membership Declaration

Press release




Template for sharing the declaration on social media:

Latest updates

Below is the outcome of our September 1st working group meeting to envision a Global Stocktake in real-time by 2030.

How to get involved

The CAD2.0 Working Group is convened by invitations to specific organizations and climate data scientists to ensure the sessions remain practical and relevant to the networks. However, if you feel you or your organization should participate in the monthly meetings, reach out to one of the convenors.

The Working Group meets over zoom at 8 am PST on the first Wednesday of every month.

You can register for our meetings here.

Contribute to this Wiki Page

Join as a wiki writer only if you are actively participating in the WG and meetings.

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Working Group Convenors

CAMDA | camda.global

We are a community of data and analytical experts, dedicated to providing credible climate action information from regions, cities, businesses, investors and civil society.

Our mission is to use this information to show how the world is transitioning to climate neutrality and resilience in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.


The Open Earth Foundation is a research and deployment non-profit, using cutting edge digital technologies and multi stakeholder collaborations to advance open source platforms that help increase planetary resilience. We focus on open digital infrastructure by blending: a systems-based approach to Earth-level solutions, emerging technologies (e.g. DLT, AI, IoT) and a radical collaboration ethos.

DATA-DRIVEN ENVIROLAB | datadrivenlab.org

The Data-Driven EnviroLab (Data-Driven Lab) uses cutting edge data analytics to create solutions to the world’s environmental problems.

The research group is an interdisciplinary collaboration of policy experts, data scientists, visual designers, and interactive programmers. The group is led by Dr Angel Hsu and is based at the University of North Carolina.


  • Whitepapers (policy and tech)

  • Use-cases / case studies

  • Tech & Data prototypes

  • System mapping (stakeholder and architecture)

  • Summary for policymakers

  • Workshops Reports

  • Recorded video discussions

  • Video content (output summaries)

  • COP26 Declaration & Showcase

  • External Media Coms Releases

The working group does its ideation sessions in this Miro Board

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