Introduction & Overview


In COP25, Camda and its multi-stakeholder community set out a declaration for rigorously tracking progress and accountability of non-state actor climate pledges. While the aim is clear, the Climate Data 2.0 initiative will tackle HOW this progress and accountability can be developed under an integrated and trusted system using cutting edge data methodologies.

Activities & Outputs

  • Monthly virtual meetings
  • Multi-stakeholder workshops
  • Design sprints / scrums
  • Parallel Satellite Workstreams
  • Whitepapers (policy and tech)
  • Use-cases / case studies
  • Tech & Data prototypes
  • System mapping (stakeholder and architecture)
  • Summary for policymakers
  • Workshops Reports
  • Recorded video discussions
  • Video content (output summaries)
  • COP26 Declaration & Showcase
  • External Media Coms Releases